Compact Laminates Manufacturer & Supplier

JCBL Compact Laminates are a solid grade, load-bearing laminate with an inner core of celluloid fibres impregnated with thermosetting resins which are resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents.

Compact laminates are known for their exceptional durability, strength, and resistance to various environmental factors. These laminates are commonly used in applications where a robust and resilient surface is required. JCBL Compact Laminates are mainly used for partitions, cubicles, panelling, transportation vehicles, and other areas with higher cleaning and hygiene requirements.

Advantages of Compact laminates

Compact laminates are chosen for applications where a combination of strength, durability, and resistance to environmental factors is essential. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of uses in both commercial and residential settings.

Strength and Thickness: Compact laminates are thicker and more robust than standard HPL, providing additional strength and durability.
Impact Resistance: They exhibit excellent impact resistance, making them suitable for high-traffic and heavy-duty applications such as airports, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.
Weather Resistance: Compact laminates are often weather-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Chemical Resistance: Like HPL, compact laminates are resistant to chemicals, making them suitable for environments where exposure to various substances is a concern.

Sizes Available: 1300 x 3050mm | 1860mm x 3660mm | 1860mm x 4320mm

Thickness Range Available: 2mm to 25mm